Friday, April 23, 2010

A Sharp Turn

I Get up, I Brush my teeth, I have a quick breakfast, I Spree,
I take the road, straight from the house, the only one I see,
I take a bus to the office, and work the daily chores there,
I take a bus back to home and eat again to have a sleep bare,
I am programmed to live a life ordinary,
I am programmed to dream extra ordinary,
I know, one day I will touch the sky,
I know, one day I will soar too high,
I know one day, I will live the moments I dream,
I know one day, the world will believe what I say,
But till then,
I Get up, I Brush my teeth and I have a quick breakfast

One day, a day like no other, in office I got a slip pink,
I thought he will laugh after handing it to me and wink,
That one day, was a day like no other, and all it changed,
I got up late, I did not spree and on road I was deranged,
I did not have to move straight, I took an unexpected sharp turn,
Never took that way, didnot know what was on fire there, to burn,
A little boy moved ahead of me with a kettle of tea in a small palm,
Over a sewage pipe, to a cramped house with thick air of uneasy calm,
There a few girls barely of the age for their profession stood,
I remembered my child, she would have made them a company good,
But their company was sweat that trickled down the bodies old,
I thought what would it be, like a vegetable, if one gets sold,
Out came I with disgust for the world, and saw a friend entering,
There in that sharp turn, the guilt of my world found sheltering,
I walked down a little more through the crammed alleys small,
Poor, unfortunate, darkly despaired, crooked, I saw them all,
There he was sleeping a boy in his teens, above the terrace facing sky,
I went to him and tried to peep in his thoughts, dreams soaring high,
He too had been in that crammed room once to sell the hot teas,
Everyday he gets up, brushes his teeth and to work he sprees,
He is programmed to live a life less ordinary,
He has programmed himself to dream extra ordinary,
In the wild world, when I will move out of this sharp turn,
He will be competing with me, for the bread and work to earn,
I know I would always be more fortunate and had my own days,
But friend I wish you and your likes make it big in your ways,
Friend, trust me, your world shakes my belief in humanity,
Friend, trust me, your resolve, makes my pride my vanity
As I move out of the sharp turn back to my straight road,
As I move out to a new job, to my beautiful world broad,
I promise I will never forget what I saw in that sharp turn,
I promise I will never feel bad for things that I wont earn,
I will Get up,
I will Brush my teeth,
I will have a quick breakfast,
I will Spree,
I will take the road straight from the house,
And will remember thee. 

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