Friday, April 23, 2010

Interaction with Passport office

Has anyone dialed this … what a weird call center system they have for voice response …..
Dial the number (Randomness of option was quite remarkable)
Dial “0” to continue (and no other option)
Dial “5” for Hindi / Dial “7” for English / Dial “4” for Something I don’t remember
Dial “9” for fresh passport / Dial “8” for existing appliacation
And then there is no way to talk to a customer service, dial any number and you are disconnected with a “thank you”. :D
Then I call up the local desk to ask, what if my mom doesn’t have any address proof of this place where we are living?
“Achha to aapki jo ye mataji hai , wo Pooone mein reh rahi hai ya GuuujRaaat mein?”
“Sir Pune mein”
“Kitne Bakhat se ?”
“Kitne samay se aapki maataji, poona mein reh rahi hai?”
“Sir 14 months”
“Achha, phir 14 mahina to bahut lamba time ho gaya na, koi address proof nahi banvaya?”
“Sab mere naam pe hai”
“mataji ki umar kya hai?”
“Achha, unke phir to School living aur birth certificate wale document bhi nahi hoge?”
“Sir School leaving hai”
“Par address proof nahi hai?”
“Nahi sir”
"Address proof to chahiye" Click ... phone disconnects
And suddenly I realized, baaki sab call center mein they call me “Sir” :)
GOI rocks ! Reminds me of Office Office :D

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