Friday, April 23, 2010

A Girl Too Ordinary

A girl meets a boy, so we see all these stories start,
She is always beautiful and he, charming and smart,
First looks, the flying sparks, tells her he is the one?
Then comes the fights sweet, tender love, and all fun,
The hero fights the world for her love, she waits for him,
And they live happily ever after, live to fulfill their dream,
Didn’t you believe in all that you read ever since a child?
Didn’t you want adventures too in passions running wild?
But when does it happen outside the stories that we read?
There are no prince charming and no Cinderellas to be wed,
Let me tell you a story less glamorous, a story too ordinary,
Of a little girl so very unlike Cinderella, a girl, too ordinary,
There would still have been a boy in the town running awry,
Who, for her, might have made a good groom with a dowry,
A girl whose lips would not make a perfect smile if they were to,
But she would have had smiled heartily nonetheless if she were to,
She might not have charmed the many men out there waiting,
But with efforts, she might have got someone’s heart beating,
She would have done this and she would have done that in her village,
(I know this would not rhyme with the poem like her life out of sync),
“She would have” If only, She was allowed to be born.

1 comment:

Farina said...

Beautiful last line

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