Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Promises To myself - Indulgent rant

Every once in a while I write such a post. A post that is more like a reminder and promise to myself for things that are yet to be done. So yes there are many things happnening around and I am awfully inspired for last 2 days, ever since I have slightly recovered from my 3 week long coughing and sleeping. And it reminds me that I was doing quite a few things and need to finish it. Restarting a thing that you left, while you were full of energy is very difficult. It is just too difficult to reach that state of mind, and it is all them ore difficult to start without having that state of mind. So here are the things incomplete that I need to finish :

1. Short Film: It is called Nomen. Here is the poster :

it is a thriller set in a different time and place. We have been making this film for zero budget taking care of the quality of the film. I hope it turns out to be watchable. This is my first DSLR film and have worked really hard on various aspects of it, to make it work. Hopefully , the next one I make will have both a good budget and a better / faster execution. We have almost completed the shooting, except a couple of scenes. Partly the editing is done and am in middle of it. Dubbing is also done 50% for the 2 lead characters. The biggest challenge for the film is to manage colors. We shot with a 550d and Halogen lights. And anyone who has attended a marraige knows that Halogen makes normal people look jaundiced and burnt. While the look we wanted for the film was more "cold and bluish"... so we tweaked camera settings accordingly. Which has gone to one extreme in that sense and hence the color gives up the pixes at times. I hope I have been able to manage to cover that big difficulty, by the end of it. It will take one more month atleast for me to finish it.

2. Writing songs and poems

With a couple of friends of mine had started making some songs. One of them is a signer and another the music director. Made a couple of song before Nomen started, hopefully will get back to it. I hope that by end of the year, we are able to record 4-5 songs and can put it together

3. Short Story Collection

This has been on my list for last 4 years. 2010 I had thought that I finished this. Then I got it professionally critiqued. I realized that there is a long way to go. Have been reading recently and for long, a lot about art and craft of writing. I restarted writing my short story collection. I hope someday am able to finish it and someone is ready to buy it. I had approached many agents with my first version of the book in 2011, now need to get this out some way by next year.

4. Novel

Everyone who writes dreams of this. I have been dreaming a story since the time I finished the first draft of the book mentioned above. I know the plot, it requires a lot of research. Did some of it, but could never really be confident about the research. Recently have been reading Gujarati books and the more I read it, the more I feel I should write this in Gujarati. Dont know when I will start it , but this is one more thing in the list of promises I made to myself.

5. PGDFCS and the courses like that

What the heck is this? It is Post graduate Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies. Started it with complete joy and excitement in Jan 2012, out of 5 modules have only finished 1. THere is a lot to read, lot of assignments to be done, and the term papers and projects as well. I somehow remembered that I need to do it by Jan 2014 and hence was desperate and had put it as PRiority 1 before everythng else. Now yesterday while checking my form details I realized I can give exams till Dec 2015 :):) .... So this too I hope will happen. Recently discovered and If you are keen on learning things, please please please visit these sites and choose a course and pursue it. I will do some course in history and film studies

Did I say I have not been able to do my ECP certification and am not sure if I am going to plan for it :).... let us see.


I havent seen The GOOD ROAD, but I wish this starts a streak of GUjarati Indie films. Gujarati film industry has been dying for years. People produce films to get grants of 10-15Lakhs and then make the same stuff again and again. I hope this film promotes good cinema in Gujarat and I hope someday I have a Gujarati Story to tell.


I am sure if you have read any of my earlier blogs like this, you would have realized by now, that I am pathetic in finishing things. Damn! I should control my wishes and dreams


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