Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gadgets : No it is not a technology blog

Finally, without really trying to do it :), I now am a user of gadgets using all the 4 major OS - Ipod Touch (a prize from the client), Lava :) Android Tablet, Blackberry (office) and a windows phone. I got smarter by buying a phone this weekend (Lumia 520), which will phase out my age old treasured, Micromax Ezpad (red coloured QWERT phone :)) after more than 3 years. I still like that phone, just that had to buy something that has better sound quality. This also brings me back to a better "branded" product after a long time. Am a big fan of cheap androids, I still am. I think technology will change the way we consume information - though currently I feel we are lost in technology and it will take some time to find a path.



Think of it, what do you use your smart phone / gadget for ? I feel sad, when I see 4 people sitting on a restaurant table like a family and all having their heads in their mobiles. I also feel sad when I see that in buses (though I must agree I am no different in buses). Think of it, how our times for our "friends" have reduced in person, and has drastically increased on facebooks and whatsapp? confession : I am afraid of looking at the world with glasses made of social media(you know things like, what a location, this will make a perfect facebook pic). And I am scared of whatsapp, that was one of the reason I was shying away from smart phones. It is as addictive as angry birds and temple runs. I hope I am able to keep as much away from it as I can.



Will try and compare the 4 OS some other day, currently am happy. The best thing (and it doesnt sound right to pick this one up), that I thought the windows phone adds to my gadgets is a steamable music store :) which earlier ones were lacking. Listening to Dhoop from Ramleela, god bless Sanjay Leela Bhasali. I have loved his films and his kind of music. Now that i have digressed, let me add another update from the weekend. Finished shooting for "Nomen" (refer the blog before the previous one) - Very happy. Watching it on laptop, realized that there are a few shots very clearly amateurish, but that is fine - we are amateurs. And yes, Navratri is going fabulos.

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