Saturday, January 2, 2010

Poem : Dark Corners Of My Mind

There is this tinge of evil that all of us know exist within us. A tinge that though does not go away as we grow up, though it doesn’t grow up, it does not completely fades against our morality. It’s base, it’s mean, it’s gross, it’s selfish and still you relate to it at some level in your personal thoughts. This one is to the dark side of everyone.

There in some dark corner of my mind stays the bird red,
Which shrieks red of desire, and gets my thoughts shred,
The corner in my mind sees no light though the sparks fly,
It burns, it longs, it dreams and it sobs in cacophonic cry,
The corner that it is, is inaccessible, my hopes it daunts,
It orders, but seldom I know why it wants what it wants,
That corner in my mind, turns the boy in me into monster,
Innocence it knows not, lust, greed and sin rules its roster,
From deep within the abyss of that dark, today I hear a call,
“Grab, if no one can get it back, it’s yours”, it says take it all,
But the corner that it is, is cornered and lonesome like me,
It tries to be all it desires, pleads, but then no one lets it be,
Then all it can do is to whisper low in the silence of my guilt,
“Good boy, you are son, but cover your goodness with a kilt,
For if you forget and keep it exposed to the darkness of mine,
I promise, I will eat it raw, and nothing in you will ever shine.

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