Saturday, January 2, 2010


Here is a small exercise for your Imagination:
Read this first and then try doing it.
Take a deep breath, its a short exercise, but do spend atleast 50-60 seconds on it. Let the whole thing build up in your mind, try to get the details of what you are going to imagine. Dont react forcefully, let it come naturally to you. So here goes the small exercise.

Close your eyes. Forget about what is around you and imagine yourself to be in the big garden infront of your palace in the morning. Think of the person you love the most coming towards you and sitting by your side. Take 50-60 seconds to imagine the entire thing with all its details, dont be in a hurry and play it twice, just let it come, slowwwwwwwwly.

So what are you trying to do?
Ok.... so here is what the exercise was about, though I am not sure what the outcome of it would be so do pour in your comments .....

What did you imagine?
When you closed your eyes did you See the green lawn of the garden around you as you sat may be in a chair or a table or a bench, surrounded by trees / colorful flowers and with a tea pot on the tea while the big palatial structure was in the background, may be white marbled and polished with a couple of caretakers moving around? And then did you see the young girl/boy you love walking down in her/his luxurious attire, walking don towards you with a smile on his/her face, and sitting beside you? Did you see his / her eyes and face and the hairs moving in the flowing direction of air? In short did you See all that?

Or did you feel the cold air of the garden blowing on your face giving the morning a special fresh feeling. And did you feel the air of joy rising over you as you know that you have riches and the person you love both together? And did you feel excited about your loved one walking down towards you? Did you feel the joy of knowing the togetherness and security of your being with the person? As she/ he came and sat by your side did you feel his/her warmth / closeness to you? In short did you feel all that ?

Or similarly you can talk about hearing. Did you hear the rustle of the leaves in the garden and the clanking of the tea cups and spoons in front of you? Did you hear the footstep of the person who moved towards you and did the bench make a sound and did she/he speak anything that you heard? Was there any chirping of birds in the garden? Were the caretakers serving you saying anything? Did you Hear all that?

Some people have strong sense of smell or touch and accordingly in your imagination, you might have smelled the fresh air and the scent of your loved ones. You might have similarly felt the touch of her hand or a the touch of leaves in your garden.

So what does it all concur to?

I believe that every person has his own sensory style of imagination. There are patterns in which a person thinks. Someone Sees their imagination, someone would be more on Hearing things, Someone feels the touch, while someone would Smells and for many it would be mix of all these things but generally you will have one strong sensory faculty and the other faculties and senses would support it. I am not sure is it good if you can do all of it for your imagination or is it good when you can use one in its complete details.

But I know one thing, if you know what is it for you, there is a lot you can do with your imagination. Your writings, your daily work, your memory can be tagged to that sense and I believe that would improve the way you store information in your sub-conscious.

I am more of "Feel" person. Even in my dreams I feel the emotions and touches. When I see someone dieing in my thoughts or if I imagine my death, I dont see myself dieing, but I feel that numbness and something stirs within me. Similarly when I firstly feel her proximity and than I feel her touch and can see her in minutest detail after that. Though I am not sure if my analysis about myself is accurate.

What is your primary sense for imagination?
(I am reading a book called "Hannibal", the book gets irritating at times because the writer has a strong "Visual" imagination. Even the thoughts that he depicts creates visuals. Got inspired to write this from there. Hope you liked it.)

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