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My Favourite 5 Song Lyrics This Year

Everyone is making a list of top 10 this and that of the year, so here I come with top 5 of my favourite lyrics of the year. You might disagree with me but I love it. These songs / albums are in the order I liked them :

1. Duniya
Piyush Mishra showed his years of theatrical experience in making the music and songs of this film. I can never forget the goosebumps that the words "Jis kavi ki kalpana mein zindagi ho prem geet, us kavi ko aaj tum nakar do" that comes after a momentary silence in Aarambh. And mention of Gulaal's without mentioning the "Sarfaroshi ki tamanna..." tribute would be injustice. But out of all those works, here is Duniya that just stands out. The song comes as a crux of the movie and in general the world.

I like this song so very much that I might as well call it the song of the decade. What a song! If Saahir's great poetry was an inspiration to this song, then Piyush Mishra very well lived up to it in each and every line of this song. Life and the world are the two things that have been talked about the most by the poets of bollywood after the Lover. And it is too just too difficult to capture all the moods in one song. Duniya very well does that. It starts low and hopeful on a romantic side of life - surmai aankhon ke pyalo ki duniya, satrangi sejo gulalo ki duniya, and then it moves from the greed and the lust of life, and then ends up in to a dark "Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai". This is an absolute classic.

My favourite line from the song:
Khwaahish mein lipti zaroorat ki duniya, Insaan ke sapno ki Niyat ki duniya .....

2. Kaminey

If there is any magical musical pair that exist in today's Bollywood, its Gulzar-Vishal Duo. The whole album of Kaminey, absolutely proves that. Gulzar can make anything sound poetic. A poem on AIDS that sounds so beautiful (Bhanwra bhanwra aya re - Keedo ki basti ka makoda hai), and then a piece on life at the end of the movie were just as good. But above it stands the usual Gulzar style mixing of languages in Dhan te nan, (aaja ke one way hai ye zindagi ki gali ek hi chance hai). Even the romance comes so beautifully to him (hamne gilhari ke jhoothe matar khaye the). No poet has ever given words so beautifully consistent for decades and decades like Gulzaar. He has always been contemporary.

But the song that works for me completely is the title track. A song that not just beautifully gels with the characters of the movie but also makes you relate to the darker side of life when Vishal himself sings mellifulously "Meri Aarzoo kamini, Mere khwaab bhi kaminey, ek dil se dosti thi, ye huzoor bhi kaminey". The whole ides of how difficult and demanding life is comes up with Gulzaar saab penning
Kabhi zindagi se maanga, PInjre mein chaand laa do,
Kabhi laal ten de ke kaha aasmaan pe taango ....

My Favourite Line from the song :
Jiska bhi chehra chhila andar se aur nikala
Masoom sa Kabootar Nacha to mor nikla....

3. Sapno se bhare naina

There was a time when every other song in the film industry was written by Javed Akhtar. Javed Akhtar comes across to me as one of the most versatile person in the film industry as far as writing is concerened. The trademark of this great poet is his conveying of the most difficult themes with the most easiest words. The movie had some great music and song, but this song, for me was the highlight of the movie.

The song starts with some beautiful slow lines which are etched in my mind for the simplicity of the words,
Bagiya bagiya, baalak bhaage,Titli lekin haath na lage

and then the music alleviates the lyrics to a different level conveying what the song wants to convey as theme ...

Is pagle ko kaun bataye,
Dhoondh raha hai jo tu jag mein,
Koi Jo paye to man mein hi paye....

I dont remember a year in recent history when Javed Akhtar did not come up with a great song.
My favourite line from the song :
Sukh hai alag aur chain alag hai,
Par jo ye dekhe wo nain alag hai,
Chain to Apna hai,
Sukh hai paraye ...

4. Dhoop ke sikkey
Once in a while in an obscure album you might find out a gem. For me this gem features in the blip of a movie called "SIkander". Prasoon Joshi, one of the poets who is young and understands the subtle stream of thoughts and can make you cry and laugh with his words would be remembered for years. This song, especially talks of keeping the innocence intact in life in a beautiful beautiful way.

Dhoop ke sikkey uthakar gungunane do use,
Baigani Kanche hatheli par sajane do use,
Bholi bhali bholi bhali rehne do,
Zindagi ko zindagi ko behne do,

Words like Kanche, sikkey, baigani brings back the memories of childhood to me. The song then goes on to tell how every vice of life has started from an innocent life being destroyed and says it so beautifully with a metaphor.

Barood Jab bachha tha, wo titli pakad ta tha

The song features in my top 5 and Prasoonjoshi in my list of favourite poets ever for this metaphorical writings of his.

My favourite lines from the song
Bahut Jaldi Dupatta Odhna sikhla rahe hai hum,
Kyon Zindagi ko raat se milva rahe hai hum,
Wo pallu se chipak kar maa ki chalti thi to achhi thi,
Akela chhodkar usko kya kehna chah rahe hai hum,
Ek Gehri neend se humko jagane do use ......

5. Masakkali

The Album Delhi-6 happens to have some of the very great songs from Rehman with lyrics that would be remembered for a long long time. The "Rehna tu hai jaisa tu" and "Ye delhi hai mere yaar" Seem to capture the spirit of the place completely with them (kabhi pyaar mein gaali bhi deta hai, kabhi gaali mein pyar bhi hota hai). And the masterful metaphorical Kala Bandar tells beautiful things that makes people think(sample this : Kasmein to moongfali hai, jab chahe hum khate, Upar se na na karte par thali aage sarkate). Every person has a dark side only if he looks in the mirror properly. And then comes the deeply sufi "Maula mere maula". (Jo bhi tere dar aaya jhukne jo sar aaya ...). A really good album for the year.

But after all that, here is one of the most simplest of songs that has come in recent times on the silliest premises. A song on a pigeon, on masakkali that again in the trademark metaphorical Joshi way takes you along with the character.
The best part about this song that I like is the almost onamotoepic first stanza ..

Zara Pankh Zatak,
Gayi Dhool Atak,
Aur Lachak Machak
ke door bhatak,
The song beautifully talks about an attitude to fly like a free bird and to run away from all who dream small. (Dikhla de thenga un sab ko jo udna na jaane). The song is about building up that attitude.

My favourite lines from the song
Itdi se mud, ada se ud,
Kar le poori dil ki tammanna, ....

Hope you liked my top 5 songs of the year :).

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