Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flash Fiction : The Kill

It takes a while to get used to it - the rat meat and the road side animal. Initially for the first time you might feel like vomiting, you might vomit too, but if you roast it properly after washing, its just ok after a couple of meals. Its filling and it costs nothing.

He lived on the highway; had no money, no food, no life. He was old and begging needed hardwork. He didnot beg. He did not kill even. He waited. He waited for road accidents to happen. This was not for the first time. He saw a dog lying dead on the side of the road. Half crushed by a truck. It was a massive kill. He need not worry about the day's dinner and next days lunch. He went there when there was no traffic and when people would not notice him - the typical evening time, just before the dark. He chopped the part he wanted to eat. He did. Roasted them. Ate them.

The next day he saw a dead cat lying on the other side of the road. He knew he had to go get it. The intestine looked yummy from this side of the road. He crossed his side of road and the cat looked all the more interesting from the middle of the divider. He jumped over. He did not notice the truck coming. He was hit by a truck. He fell. Died. All the dogs hiding in the places near by, were out for a long waited feast as they took the cat - trap away.

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