Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Blue Dot and A Red - An Engine Driver and A Chef

What is that blue dot over leaves green?
A flower! Yesterday, that had not been,
What is that red dot over my rail-track,
Is that Blood! Yesterday it had not been
Is that the new paint that the tea stall got?
Is that a cat, river under-bridge has caught?
So many new things my way sees everyday,
I cant stop though, nothing to them I can say
I rush without a pause, to the station last,
And reaching it, it becomes my new start
My room to run train, is full of coal grime,
Am I the engine driver or the passing time.

What is that blue dot over leaves green?
An ink drop I see, why was it left unclean,
What is that red dot over the white napkin?
Lipstick of that dame, is also left unclean,
How did they like the starters, was it hot?
And the macroni, the pudding and tea pot?
I cant stop though, while the waiters serve,
I rush to make another, with same verve,
I wish I get to serve them, with food pile,
Satsfactorily fed I wish to see their smile,
Variety, colors, tastes, all on my shelf,
Am I a chef, or the beautiful nature itself.

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Farina said...

Something very different...
can't judge it in any other way!

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