Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Can

I was backstage, standing straight for my dress to fit,
I was nervous, Indian before German, Swiss and Brit,
Walk when they call your country’s name, I was told,
Keep your chin up, smile, move straight slow, be bold,
The clicks and razzmatazz, would blind you for a while,
Walk the Ramp, own the world, and don’t forget smile,
I remembered all that I had gone through to be here ,
It wasn’t just a ramp, just a title, nor the money mere,
It wasn’t about the cheers and nor about nation’s pride,
It wasn’t about saving the world, no not about limo ride,
It was about what the world said I cannot, don’t dream,
It was about a walk of pride, a tear of joy, loud scream,
It was about the dreams of those girls in towns like mine,
It was for one to hit it hard and thousand more shall shine

I thought of the orange temple next to the mosque lane,
I remembered how we ran across it on seeing the plane,
I remember how the potter’s clay smelled when it rain,
Her daughters studies were curtailed for brother’s gain,
I thought of those kites and those marbles, more like us,
Each had a color and a spark, radiance of each one pious,
They always told me don’t do it, as no one there ever did,
Lack of precedence, example, killed the dreams indeed,
If I don’t do this, it would take a few more years for them,
To come out and dream, and achieve out of it, least some,
I walk out on the ramp, see I do like the world’s very best,
Don’t tell them , “It’s impossible, put your dream to rest”
See how I smile, I walk, I answer with élan, hear my voice,
It goes a thousand miles through to the place of my choice,
Let them be inspired with this crown that you want to give,
Let there be more from my little place to bloom and believe.

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