Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beauty Is Skin Deep

Beauty is just skin deep they say. They are right. But it is our love for the fairer, the good looking that makes us keep the one who are not deprived. We have in our mind, a block against the less beautiful, less charming, less smart and less outgoing. We have a prejudice. This poem is for all of them whom I think are equally beautiful and many a times a lot more beautiful than the ones who get undue importance for their looks. Lets shed our prejudices.

Beauty Is Skin Deep
Jaykumar Shah
We were siblings, she was my sister,
Twins we were, but she was fairer,
Her eyes were blue, features sharp,
Her voice was mellow, She liked lark,
She was beautiful without a blot,
And she was all that I was not
All loved her, ugly me had dearth,
My Grandma exclaimed at our birth,
"What a beautiful child I have got!"
I knew since then,
She was beautiful and I was not.

Together we grew, we shared a life,
She was the fork, and I the knife,
Everyone kissed her, gave me a hug,
She grew smarter, I a silent bug,
In family and pals, to fame she shot,
I knew since then,
She was beatuiful and I was not.

To schools we went and colleges too,
For her, to me, the boys came to,
All of them wanted to take her out,
For me no bloke, my life was in rout,
For the dates, new clothes she bought,
I knew since then,
She was beautiful and I was not.

There was a boy, who liked us both,
Like me he liked the tomato broth,
All three of us were friends best,
I knew, he is her, and I am the rest,
I knew one day, he would ask me for her,
One day he will say, I love your sister,
The month was January and it was fourth,
I remember, to both of us, he came forth,
"Life is long, life needs a partner,
To share the joy, to share laughter",
We knew he was now making expected move,
She looked him in eye, and I in shoe,
"I would be happy and life full of glee,"
He turned to me, "will you marry me?"
I could not react, not even a smile,
To reply with zest, I waited a while,
I thought disheartened she would be,
The man she loved, I knew was he,
I looked at her, a big smile she had got,
I knew since then,
She was beautiful and I was not.


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Farina said...

Its the best Poem you wrote till date Jay...
lets get it published on paper please!

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