Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Gujarati Poems...

I forgot writing in my last posts that these poems that I am publishing are from old times 1999-2001 and almost all of them were written when I did not understand completely poetry as a medium of expression.

Most of these poems might not be good "technically" but these helped me express my self well then, I used to feel satisfied as I wrote these in those days. Well was not very happy like most of the love lorn people back then, so there is glimpse of sadness in almost all of these poems, but the poems in my diary from 99 to 07 have gradually moved from being pessimistic and sad to happy, thoughtful and romantic.

Here I go with many of these poems listed down. Will be posting them one after another this week on the blog. Going with 1 more of these poems and their translation.

અમે પાળ બાંધતા રહી ગયા

સૌને બહુ આપ્યો પ્રેમ અમે, સૌ ને અમે મળતા રહ્યા,
બે પલ ની મીઠી વાતો સૌની, અમે પ્રેમ માનતા રહી ગયા.

કૌન છે મિત્ર, કૌન શત્રુ અહિયા, ઍ જાણવા મથતા રહ્યા,
વાત ઍ જાણી ભીડ મા થી, અમે ઍકલા ચાલતા રહી ગયા.

ગઈ કાલ ના મારા સુખી સ્મરણો, આવતી કાલ ની આશ જીવંત કરતા રહ્યા,
ગઈકાલ ને બનાવવા આવતીકાલ, અમે આજને મારતા રહી ગયા.

જીવન જીવવાની ઍક આશમા, દરેક ક્ષને અમે મરતા રહ્યા,
ભૂલ ઍ થઈ મૌત ના આ ક્ષણ ને, અમે જીવન માનતા રહી ગયા.

ઘર તો બનાવ્યુ અમે દરિયા કિનારે, પણ મોજાઓ થી ડરતા રહ્યા,
દરિયો તોડી ગયો મારા ઘર ને, અમે પાળ બાંધતા રહી ગયા.

Translation for this poem : { Title : I stood there fencing my house }

I loved them all, I met them all,
Their little talks, is what i thought was their love.

Who is my friend and who is the enemy, is what i wanted to know,
The knowledge of these facts, left me alone on the path.

My memories of yesterday, became my hope for a better tomorrow,
To make my happy past my future, I am left killing my present.

For the one wish to truly live my life, have kept dying every moment,
But the mistake was, this moment of death was what I thought was life.

Though I made my house on the sea shore, I was afraid of the waves,
The sea washed away my house, as I stood there fencing it.
Hope to come up with more such translated works.

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