Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Chhotu Poem and a hair cutting salon

Chhotu Poem - Pa-Ma-Ma-Pa
Son, I hear a faint sigh coming from you in sleep,

I wonder what are you seeing in your dreams deep,

Is it the fear that for office we might leave you?

Is it speed's thrill that you felt in your pram new,

I hear another sigh from you, I wonder without worry,

I see your Mom, in panic, she knows you are hungry,

See that is the difference,

You might be my son, my heart closest to thee,

But loving like your mother, Son, I can never be.

P.S: Conversation at a Hair cutting salon (Let me call it hair styling, as it was one of those types jaha "Baal bhi kat jaye aur pata bhi na chale")

Mahesh (The stylist :)) : Aapke baal ache hai. We will give it a different look.

Me : ***Confused Look*** Umm.. Ok... Just make sure my friends dont laugh at me in office

Mahesh : Not at all sir, This slant in your hairs can be given a great cut. If you do it at Loreal, They charge you 350, I will charge 50.

Me : *** Confused*** Why would I go to L'Oreal? I need a haircut, tu bindaas apni style se kaat.

Mahesh : Nahi sir, aage se ekdum Zigzag katenge, Just like Ranbir Kapoor!

Me : ***Confused Again *** Ok!

Mahesh : Piche baalo ko thoda kaan pe dhala hua rakhna sir, we will give you a Shahid Kapoor style over ears.

Me: ***Confused to a point of running away *** Shahid Kapoor!

Mahesh : Sir, Film wala. Aap Picture nahi dekhte kya?

Me: Nahi.

Mahesh : ****Confused****

Me : Ek star ka pata hai mujhe uske jaisa kaat paoge?

Mahesh : Try karoong kaun sir?

Me : Naresh Kanodia

Mahesh : ***Confused to death ****

Me: Chhod ... Jaisa kaat na hai kaat
For Reference here is a Naresh Kanodia pic. The guy in the golden boots.

Awesome Hair cutting salon, I am going there next time even if its just passable, It is entertaining. If you find me somewhere do tell me that my hairs just above my ears, look like Shahid Kapoor, I will complement Mahesh.

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Farina said...

The hair cutting saloon conversation is hilarious :P

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