Saturday, June 27, 2009

Purpose of my life

God, or a lack of him, is something I never knew,
I thought of no dark hell nor of the heavens new,
Death, I expected not to get a surprise like this,
Here as I stand to be judged, they both do exist.

There you come with a book of my rights and wrong,
List of my rights look small and the wrong’s is long,
“My son”, you say, “play by rules and see your life’s task”,
“What are the rules what would I be judged on”, I ask.

“Purpose of your life”, you say with an eerie confidence,
“What’s that” I retort, the thing to me made no sense,
“Everyone has a purpose and life needs to fulfill the same,
Finding it and finishing is what makes you win the game”.

Young I was my purpose was to abide my parent’s law,
I did also the same at school, when I started to grow,
I did, like everyone else, live for my parents and to achieve,
All was fun as I won the run, there was nothing to grieve

I grew in to a fine teenager and I was a youth wild,
Lady love smiling at me, my purpose was to play mild,
She was so happy with my mild game, she married me,
To be with her, was the purpose of living, I thought so it be.
It was the time I was searching for what you had in plan,
You gave us a gift for a life time, as I added to my clan,
Such nice and cute was he as he lay small in my arms,
Happiness of my desire came with him, a lot in swarms.

I thought that my purpose of life was to be his best mentor,
I went on to live and grow along with him as life’s center,
He lived for me, became a teenager and I forgot the strife,
He too had left his parent’s nest to be in his lady’s life.

I thought my purpose of life was ended by the time he left,
My partner dead, my parents with you, no purpose would raft,
“Without them what would be the meaning of my life”, I ask,
I see you smile now and say, “That’s ok, but what about my task”

“My son”, he said, “where did you find them and for what ?”
“Your purpose was set before you the life that you got”
“My son,” he said, “Your purpose was never your own”
“I wished for you a life of hero, you made yourself a pawn”

“How do I now judge you for the deeds that you did not do”
“Your purpose was for you to find, by knowing the real you”
“You are not a son, a brother, a lover and a father alone,
“Son, the bit of me in you, in your life unexplored it had gone”

“I gave you the world you created others and the pain”
I ask as I understand now, “Can I live my life again?”

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