Saturday, June 6, 2009

Son, Be My Dreams - A poem for Happy

I was young and I knew not how to talk,
My dad held me and taught to run and walk,
He looked at me with eyes full of tears,
I, he thought would be a cure of his fears,
He looked at me and hold me close to his heart,
Son, you will be close to me always, never part,
He brought his little one near and told to me,
Son, be a doctor, be all I ever wanted to be.
Son, grow up to win all riches and love of life,
Son, may you see the world and get a caring wife,
Son, grow up to make us all proud of you,
Son, have all the best of life and challenges few,

It has been years since I heard that wish of dad,
I had my dreams but that did not make him sad,
I went my way, and no doctor could I be,
I wanted to be a singer, this clerk is not me,
I have a wife who is caring, and a few riches too,
I made him proud and his eyes I still shine through,
I have a son, so cute, so little, so young is he,
I see him and here I hold him so close to me,
Son, grow up to make us all proud of thee,
Son, be a singer, be all I ever wanted to be.

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