Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Please raise your hands in support and get counted

Some of us might see negative things in any initiative, but there are a few things which has to have a generation to support it.

A generation of young people doesnt need a young man to lead them. One Anna Hazare can do it.

Its a small begining, its a small step. I see people forwarding his videos on facebook, people talking about him on lunch tables, people talking about his initiative and its importance on a coffee break. It is all good.

I hope the young men and women of my time stand up and support this. Please give a thought, corruption is one thing that has spoiled every other thing in our country. Please support the movement against corruption. Please stand up against it.

Before giving off that note of 100 rupees to a dishonest officer at any level, which would percolate every rupee of it and nurture this demon till the top of the government, think. Think of where will it all end.

I wish this young generation that is mine will have the guts to stand up and get counted. I am standing up against corruption, are you? Dont just say yes for the sake of it, give your heart to it and the nation will change one day.

I might be overreacting like an idealist poet, but I dont think that a "practical" approach can solve the basic issues that our country faces. Lets join hands. Salute to you Big Man!

कितना खोया नही गिनती है,
अब दाव पे ये माँ हमारी है,
अब मिल के चीख लगानी है,
अब कुछ करने की बारी है,

रिश्वत से घरो के मंदिर में,
भगवान ना भोग अब खाएँगे,
अब राम ने धनुष उठाया है,
कॉपायमान अब चक्रधारी है,
प्रजातंत्र के ओ रावण सुनो,
अब जलनी लंका सारी है,
अब कुछ करने की बारी है

कितने ईमान बिक गये है,
कितनो ने हिम्मत हारी है,
सिसकियाँ मिलके चीख बनी है,
अब सच की नयी तैयारी है,
बेखौफ़ जवानी जागेगी अब,
बेरोक सफाई छाएगी अब,
अब हाथ मैले करने है हमें,
अब भगानी सब बीमारी है,
अब मिल के चीख लगानी है,
अब कुछ करने की बारी है

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Mind blowing Jay.. your poetry and Anna Hazare.. And they say Gandhian principles don't work any more..

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