Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poem : What is life if not this moment?

What Is Life If Not This Moment?
-Jaykumar Shah

Is life like an old coin of a pai?
Obscure, rare, definitely invaluable,
Or is it like a bird flying high?
Looks small; songs sound like babble;
A small child with his gummy grin,
An old man, a child he had been,
A young girl flaunting her new pink Tee,
Only a mother now, Lot she wished to be,
Look at them, they all have a life of own,
But is life this moment, or all moments gone?
The smooth blue sky etched white with clouds,
Or the Rough terrace concrete, with no shrouds,
The inkless pen lying in the old little school bags,
Or music of a rupee coin on the bowl that begs,
Noise of a hundred cars in the mindless traffic's flurry,
Or a wordless kiss first, less tender but a lot in a hurry,
Is life like those things that I know not how to define?
Or is it as simple as carrom, my mom, and sunshine?
Is life like an old Rafi song, with lyrics forgotten?
Or like a Relay race you cant run without a baton?
Is it like a long shot pic of an intended close-up?
Is it the airport lounge, to take the next flight up?

Who knows and who would know what life is?
Live every moment, as one of it death won't miss.

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