Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pick up lines : Do I sound Like my Grandma!!!?

Someone asked me “what is the cheesiest pickup line you have ever tried?” , well , umm… , ah! , ish!!! … oops, “Pickup line”??!!!!! – I got married even before knowing what it means! Not that marriage is a good alibi for never using a pickup line but then I don’t like to admit that I never had the guts to use one.

Someone said these days even girls use it! And that makes me feel all the more miserable, where the hell did I waste my teens without knowing what it meant. I remember once asking a girl if she wants a lift to school ( can it be considered to be a “Pick up” line, I mean literally it is).

It has not been ages since I too was a college lad, but I somehow feel that these days colleges have become a lot different , a mere difference of 8-10 years has created generation gap like the one that I had with my grandmother.
(She once said “don’t go out with those girls for eating out, its wrong?!!” Well it was just a dinner and we did not even call it DATE back then )

This Generation gap that I am having with my younger brothers has become a serious cause of concern for me – a. because I don’t think I am old and b. I want to be seen as young.

So now for one like me, who does not drink or smoke (hukkas I heard are in fashion), who does not understand a word from the English songs (I confess I like Ghazals) and for whom disco and lounge are just modern kind of music types (though not my kind), relating to “young” and keeping “Young” is a big identity crisis.

I have been trying to do that but success never came from the back pocket of my newly tried low waist jeans. (Low waist jeans, that is not even an attractive concept functionally, how do I relate to it). I thought of aping them, looking at their new age idols a year back, I even started growing my hairs and thought of having a small hair-band one day, but by the time my hairs were long, they all had got it grass-chopped. I almost fell off my chair at CCD when my brother said that a girl with coloured hairs, who came in her low waist jeans and I-too-flaunt –it top, with a ciggy (that’s what they call it) in one hand , looked “COOL”. Boy, I don’t even seem to have an Idea of being cool. (Last time I felt that about a girl was when a girl in my engineering class derived an equation that said that bernouli’s theorem is another interpretation of law of conservation of energy!).

I had quite some views and strong one about politics, religion and philosophy in my college days, but it seems, that is very “uncool” these days. The idea of world politics that they have is “Barack Obama looks hot In that Black suit” and would find the question about governor of Maharashtra a rot boring discussion which “pisses” them off!!! Svu svu svu ssi…

I guess I am going to give up trying to be young. My children (Gosh! When will you ever sound young), I feel will have a century of generation gap with this “cool” generation, and I am not sure if my asking my son , “Not to go out on a blind date with boyfriend he made an hour back in the google chat room” would make me sound like my grandma!

{Though inspired by the events of my life, I would not claim factual basis for the entire article here :) and ofcourse no offence meant to anyone :))

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krags said...

NOM here too ? BB is spoiling u Jay :D ....

Nice write up , i too ve wondered abt the pace at which the next generation is gonna change but then , our parents were stunned at the pace at which we evolved with our own ideas faaaaar different from theirs :D ; Better we jus enjoy at the things as they unfold - for to sit back and smile at things , that is a very nice way of feeling :D ....

Very few ( of us :L ) can feel the life and its uneven beauty and still manage to live and enjoy it , Keep Rocking :)

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