Tuesday, August 19, 2008

After long long time ....

Last I wrote a post on my blog was 30th April, 4 months have passed after that, 4 long month when I had many things to say and express. Bigflix membership, Cricket matches, My 2nd marriage anniversary and my wife's birthday, A promotion and a little frustration at work, pay hikes, a new season beggining for singing competitions, Ranbaxy is sold, Jane tu ya jane na, A quiz from sakaal times and another from landmark, a few visits from our parents, a broken leg for my brother in law, marriage of 2 of my best friends (with each other).... a lot went into these months which I had to write but could not. Finally, I am back. I really missed writing in my space for all these days. Hope I will be able to catch up with my backlog soon and well.


kosh said...

Welcome back... been waiting...:)

kosh said...
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Monika said...

Hi Jay

First of all, I can not see your post on yesterday's Tata Crucible here. I have a copy which abha sent me through mail..

Well, I just thought of visiting your blog again ..just to look for any more movie reviews (I really like your reviews ..you know)...but alas!! no updations (or have I missed any??). :-(

hey you stopped watching movies or have you stopped writing reviews????? What about that membership of BigFlix in your last post??? not getting the dvds kya??

Please watch loads and loads of movies and post all the reviews on the blog... :-)

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