Monday, January 21, 2008

Reincarnation : Science and Philosophy!!

Science to me has a strong connection with Philosophy. Infact, Everything is interconnected.
Had a thought about this while reading one of Richard Feynman's famous statement. Richard Feynman said :

" The whole history of science could be said in a line that
"It is made up of Atoms"".

This leaves me with a question, what is a human being? A particular arrangement of trillions and trillions of atoms. Average age of an atom is 100000000000.....000( 35 zeroes)years . That means that the atoms in our body after our death will disintegrate to form something else.

This dissemination and assimilation takes few years to happen. That means may be i have some hundred of atoms in me which might have belonged to Jesus / Ram / Krishna.... One day. That also goes with our mythological beilief when we say that " There is god in everyone's heart".

But then can we say that you are a reincarnated Jesus / Ram / Krishna? ofcourse not, you may say.... SO how can we explain reincarnation...

Just think what controls a person's being ... It's Mind... it's all up there... you are a person you are because your mind is so.... It is designed so... Mind too, as a matter of fact is a particular arrangement of matter. But how does it give life, thoughts, ideas etc to us is still unknown.
But it definitely is a particular arrangement of some billion atoms. so if a person wants to be exactly in thoughts ideas, memory etc. like you, he has to have exact map of his mind like you... I guess the idea of cloning that we see in movies is exactly this.
But for reincarnation, some X atoms (which may have more zeroes in it then trillion times the total population in the world) that constituted the Mind of a particular person in 15th century, rejoins to form the mind of a new entity, he would think, act, behave, remember things exactly the way the 15th century man did. What else is reincarnation then? TO me it is understandable by this vague theory. The only implication of this theory would be that though a person might not look like his previous incarnation ( the way it is suggested these days of doing DNA tests), he might actually think, act and behave like one.
I wrote this 1 year back, am posting it now, but I think the essence of this remains unchanged even today.


Neha said...

Quite interesting !!

Mayank said...

Read the tao of physics.... u'll like it....

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